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North America Retail Box ArtIt's wrong to love Mister Mosquito. Wrong because of the repetitive gameplay, the lackluster graphics, and the awkwardness of the controls. I could also mention the repetitive dialogue, laughable AI, and interminable load times. And did I mention how short it is? But somehow none of this matters if, like I do, you fall for the charm and originality of this game. You play as a nameless mosquito whose job it is to suck the blood of the Yamada family. There are only two modes, battle and suck. To suck blood you have to first hover and wait for a target area to flash red somewhere on your victim's body, then swoop in, pierce the skin, and extract blood by twirling the right analog stick. Suck too fast or too long and you're liable to get swatted, a fate you can avoid if you keep a close eye on your victim's "stress meter." If you're spotted, you must battle your victims by trying to bump their bodies' "relax spots," which makes them chill out and forget you're there (this part doesn't make a whole lot of sense). The voyeuristic aspects of Mister Mosquito have gotten a lot of attention, especially the infamous scene in which you suck the blood of the Yamadas' teenage daughter as she takes a bath, but the game stops well short of anything that would have earned it an M rating. --David Stoesz Pros: Charm and originality Household environments are fun to explore Cons: Too short Unbelievably long load times Repetitive dialogue It's difficult to maneuver
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