Mysteries of Capri
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2010-06-22
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-06-22
Publisher N/A
In A Quiet Weekend In Capri, you are a tourist visiting the wonderful Capri Island (Italy) for the first time, but the eagerly awaited holiday will take soon an unexpected turn. As you arrive in front of your hotel, you will be sucked by a mysterious vortex. It looks like your vacation is irremediably spoiledů find how to solve the mystery while discovering the amazing landscapes of this island.
Anacapri the Dream is set in the upper regions of Capri called Anacapri. You play the role of Dr. N, an expert of ancient civilizations. You are invited to Anacapri to accomplish a very difficult task: find the extremely powerful, but malicious Obsidian Disk. What is this Obsidian Disk? Why is it so dangerous? Quickly you will find out that what you think as Reality is in fact Illusion - the truth is far beyond what you have imaginedů

- Enhanced version of the two best-seller games for a budget price
- Two intriguing stories mixing history, myths and legend of the island of Capri.
- Dozens of logical puzzles perfectly embedded in the story line.
- Gorgeous computer graphic animations.
- Original soundtrack composed by Silvio Savarese.
- Exploration mode allowing to visit the entire game area as a tourist.
- More than 100 hours of gameplay.
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