Mythic Marbles
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Embark on a great quest to build your skills and become a master of marbles. Gain recognition by seeking out competition with the greatest marble players throughout the empire. In marbles, a bright mind and cool temper aid masterful victory. Compete against the most revered men of the ancient era. Earn their advice, wisdom and marbles as tokens of success. Be sure to have Mount Olympus on your side because the challenge against your final opponent will alter the course of your life!

* Three game play modes; Adventure, Aracade (single), and Arcade (multi)

* 7 power ups!

* 3 types of game ball

* Challenging perils like walls, black holes, teleports

* Play 100 games of marbles

* 10 tournaments to play in across the Empire

* Collect 12 beautiful marbles
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