Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtNancy Drew is back--but this time as an interactive sleuth. Secrets Can Kill offers stimulating, long-term gameplay with an interesting plot and intricate word games. With all the intrigue, mystery, and adventure you've enjoyed in the Nancy Drew books, this role-playing game provides challenging and exciting computer activities for girls. In this traditional Nancy Drew mystery, you play the role of Nancy as a junior, senior, or master detective. While visiting your aunt, you become involved in a murder case at Paseo Del Mar High School. You must help the police find the person who killed Jake Rogers--a notorious member of the student body. Through sleuthing with your ever-present magnifying glass, you discover hundreds of clues, each leading to the truth behind the students of the high school. Secrets Can Kill employs 3-D graphics with detailed animations. Each character reacts to Nancy's specific situations. The intelligence of the game leaves nothing to be assumed--and the creepy music and hazardous situations keep you on your toes. Remember to talk to everyone, and check for evidence in the most unlikely places. With a surprise ending--unless you are the ultimate supersleuth--Secrets Can Kill is a fantastic mystery for girls of all ages. --Madeleine Miller
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