Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2006-10-12
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtIn Nancy Drew: The Creature Of Kapu Cave, Nancy travels to Hawaii as a research assistant for Dr. Quigley Kim to determine why the population of native caterpillars has exploded. The Hardy Boys, on a separate covert operation, are also visiting -- and both stumble across the mystery of the Hilihili research compound and its evil vibes. Some believe it's linked to the legend of Kane ?Okala. Local legend has it that a long time ago, a man was sacrificed to the hungry volcano to appease it. Kane ?Okala, or "the rough-skinned man," later escaped from the volcano, but he was scarred for life with a rough-skinned and frightening appearance. When Nancy arrives at Camp Quigley, she sees a monster ravaging the camp, and soon discovers that Dr. Quigley is missing! Could the monster she saw be Kane ?Okala? She'll have to team up with the Hardy Boys to find out!

- Play as Nancy Drew or Frank & Joe Hardy to progress the mystery
- Design shell necklaces and trade in your handicrafts for Big Island Bucks
- Snorkel for shells and get hooked on fishing
- Program your GPS to navigate from beaches, forests, and volcanos
- Choose from 2 levels to challenge players of different skills
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