Nancy Drew The Final Scene
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Date 2001-11-07
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Nancy Drew The Final Scene Pop The Final Scene into your CD-ROM drive, fire it up, and you're greeted with the most gripping opening sequence yet in a Nancy Drew game. As the ageless, mystery-cracking heroine yourself, you accompany your friend Maya to an historical--yet dilapidated--theater to interview teen heartthrob Brady Armstrong for the opening of his new movie. As Maya disappears into the dressing room for the interview, you hear a scream, but when you charge in to investigate Maya is nowhere to be found. The question is, do you have what it takes to track down Maya's kidnapper before the theater is demolished? The most notable improvement in the game comes in the form of the distinctive characters. With each game, the script and character work get better and better. The dialog has a nice youthfulness and sense of humor missing from the previous games. We also loved the choice of the old theater for a setting and the magic theme running throughout, but wished there were more nooks and crannies to explore. Additionally, we had some installations troubles, but Her Interactive assures us that those problems have been resolved, so all current versions should be fine. A minor nitpick is that the timeframe seemed somewhat limiting. Previous Nancy Drew games had an open feel, there was no sense of urgency, and you solved the mystery in your own time. In The Final Scene, the gameplay is divided into three days, and you must accomplish specific tasks before you can move on to the next day. Though this structure lent itself well to the game's plot, it was also easy to get stuck on one clue. However, you can always consult the message boards at Her Interactive's Web site for help, clues, hints, and general support from an enthusiastic community of Nancy Drew lovers. Little grumblings aside, The Final Scene really is a fabulous game that goes above and beyond most games out there right now, and is highly recommended for kids and adults alike. (Ages 10 and older) --Ara Jane Olufson

- Ages 10 and older
- Use your best detective skills to help Nancy save her kidnapped friend
- Discover hidden passageways and secret rooms
- Untangle a web of secret deals and betrayals
- Gameplay divided into three days for enhanced plot linearity
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