Napoleon 1813-1814
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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North America Retail Box ArtFollowing the Napoleonic Disaster in Russia Redirect Napoleon's European Campaign of 1813-1814. In an enormous strategic area stretching from Paris to Breslau, from Hamburg to Vienna, control everything from major strategic territorial decisions to tactical battle maneuvers. Organize your forces, plan your campaign and lead your troops to glory in battles such as Leipzig, where over 500,000 men fought for 3 days in the epic Battle of The Nations. Historically, the war concluded with the downfall of one of history's greatest generals. Can you succeed where Napoleon failed, or as Blucher can you lead your troops in triumph through Paris? Combines both strategic and tactical levels in one game Choose to play in real time or with turn based action Multiple scenarios, ranging from an all embracing campaign to smaller scenarios and single battles Wide range of options - the gamer can range from a simple strategy game to a highly sophisticated model of Napoleonic conflict Lock horns with strong minded subordinates. The varying abilities of historical commanders are accurately reflected in the game mechanics Includes over 100 different troop types, all with unique characteristics. Units range from the elite old guard to hastily raised Freikorps Options include Fog of War, supply, attrition, random events, allies defecting, specialist commanders and even 'lucky' Generals
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