Nascar Legends
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Publisher V.U.G.
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North America Retail Box ArtNASCAR Legends returns players to the racing season of 1970 by including many of the legendary cars, drivers, and racetracks from that 48-race season. Aspiring drivers race against such NASCAR icons as Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, and Bobby Allison. Sixteen accurately rendered tracks are offered; plan to race on the Darlington Raceway, Texas World Speedway, and Alabama International Motor Speedway, among others. NASCAR Legends was made with hard-core motor purists in mind. Inside each prerace garage, drivers can tweak such car characteristics as tire pressure, suspension, gear ratios, and screw jacks. Gamers looking for an arcade racing game like Need for Speed need not apply; NASCAR Legends's rigorous dedication to statistics offers a complex, yet rewarding gaming experience. For optimum performance, use a Direct3D-based accelerator card to achieve crisp graphics and smooth frame rates, and a steering controller to master the tough turns. --Doug Radcliffe Pros: Realistic driving model Faithful reproduction of famous cars and tracks Great force-feedback support Con: Weak sound
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