Nascar Racing 4
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 1439
Date 2001-02-12
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2002-11-29
Nascar Racing 4 Nascar Racing 4 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtAt last, the prayers of NASCAR Racing 3 fans have been answered. Its sequel, NASCAR Racing 4, comes with the outstanding physics model hard-core NASCAR fans have been clamoring for, along with all 21 tracks from the 2000 Winston Cup season and cars from all four NASCAR manufacturers. It's the most complete NASCAR simulation to date, and the realistic physics add a new dimension to the gameplay. Proper weight transfer is now imperative, and adjustments made to spoilers, shocks, and other components of the car become immediately evident on the track as the car reacts accordingly. With the right processor and video card, NASCAR Racing 4 can generate visuals that are difficult to distinguish from TV broadcasts. Smoke from burnouts and collisions can hang in the air for minutes, and the new physics model means cars hunker down on their shocks while braking and turning. The tracks are all cracked and pitted, with tire marks and oil trails slowly building up on the standard racing lines. The cars feature immaculate paint jobs that are fully customizable using the included painting tools. Those shiny cars can quickly lose their luster thanks to the new damage model. Minor bumps and scrapes can take the paint off, while major altercations can leave you with bent wheels, a crumpled hood that obscures your vision, or any of a million other problems. The car's handling changes based on the damage it has suffered, sometimes pulling so violently to the right or left that racing becomes impossible. An added effect of the new physics model is that cars can finally get airborne, making wrecks more realistic than any seen in a NASCAR simulation. The single-player mode offers computer-controlled opponents that drive realistically, although they can be too aggressive if you're on a line they want. It's much more fun to build some skill in the single-player game and then migrate to online play, where drivers from around the world perpetually challenge one another. NASCAR Racing 4 isn't perfect at this point, but a few patches should correct what minor flaws it has, and it still stands as the best NASCAR simulation ever created. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Completely revamped physics model Excellent graphics Wonderful online community Cons: Requires a topnotch computer for best visuals Mastering the realistic new physics model can take weeks of practice
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Nascar Racing 4 North America Retail Box Art

Nascar Racing 4 United Kingdom Retail Box Art