Nascar Racing 99
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Publisher V.U.G.
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtSure, there are more modern NASCAR games out there. But if your computer isn't the latest and greatest machine on the block NASCAR Racing 99 might deliver smoother racing satisfaction. This older title is crammed with enough features to keep fans of the sport satisfied for months, and it features an accurate enough physics model to be believable. NASCAR 99 simulates individual races or the entire NASCAR Cup, NASCAR Grand National, or NASCAR Craftsman truck events. The real challenge of this simulation is tweaking your car or truck so it runs perfectly on all of the 35 tracks simulated in the game. The modifications players can make are extensive, and the results of a good (or bad) tweaking session are immediately apparent after a few practice laps. The graphics for the cars, trucks, and tracks are cleanly drawn, but the special effects suffer. Smoke is especially bad, consisting of several flat, 2-D gray "puffs" strung together in a row. The good news is that the lack of detail in the graphics means the game will run smoothly on just about any modern computer system. And you'll need all the speed your computer can deliver frames, since this game is all about precision. One wrong move in the middle of a full field of cars and you can forget about finishing the lap, let alone the race, thanks to NASCAR 99's extensive damage model. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Clean, colorful track, car, and truck graphics Decent physics model Lets players participate in several NASCAR series and events Cons: Bad special-effects graphics Setting up your car perfectly takes a lot of practice and patience
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