Naval Strike
Genre Action -> Arcade
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North America Retail Box ArtHornet: Naval Strike Fighter lets flight-simulation enthusiasts assume the role of a U.S. Navy or Marine Corps F/A-18 fighter pilot and fly joint operations for the West with their Air Force F-16 brethren. It is the only fighter simulation that lets simulation pilots create cooperative missions with F- 16 Falcons in seven Falcon 3.0 theaters of conflict. ***** REQUIRES FALCON 3.0 to PLAY *****

- F/A 18 Add-On For Falcon 3.0 (REQUIRES FALCON 3.0 TO PLAY)
- Challeging carrier landings with digitized radio and more.
- New theatre of war in Bosnia.
- Authentic cockpit and much more.
- PC: DOS, Windows 95 DOS Mode, Windows 98 DOS Mode Will NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 2000/ME/XP (REQUIRES FALCON 3.0 GAME TO PLAY)
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