Navy Field
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2008-11-10
Publisher eFusion MMOG
Date 2008-11-10
Publisher eFusion MMOG
North America Retail Box ArtNAVY FIELD is a Massively Multi Player Online Tactics Game. NAVY FIELD redefines the concept of online multi-player gaming. This type of game has never been developed before and will provide players with a totally new gaming experience.

- NAVY FIELD is based on naval combat during WWII.
- Graphically engineered warships, weapons, fighters, and bombers that actually existed in that era.
- Players will have the opportunity to see how the actual naval guns, torpedo launchers, Fire Control Systems, and engines looked and operated.
- Players earn game credits for ships and gain experience points for sailors as they engage in war-like battles.
- NAVY FIELD offers special missions so that beginners can get the feel for commandeering ships and managing a crew before actually participating in battle.
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