NBA Live 2001
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Date 2001-02-08
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-03-02
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEA's NBA Live series is nothing if not consistent. Superb graphics, thrilling animations and real TV-style power basketball are what it delivers. Realism and statistical accuracy are important, but often fall by the wayside in favour of presentation. In short, NBA Live has always been a bit lazy with the fundamentals, but then again, so is the NBA in general. What the NBA Live series has consistently delivered is a whole lot of fun, and the 2001 edition is no exception. Every NBA player is modelled and rendered in the game. This means you can play as or against basketball greats as Magic, Dr J, Wilt Chamberlain, and Abdul-Jabbar. Every NBA team is here, every court is rendered and you have several cool options at your fingertips. You can play a straight up NBA season, exhibition or playoffs. You can play the 1999 Lakers vs. the 1984 Lakers if you like. See if Shaq and Kobe have a prayer against Magic and Jabbar. You can also play 1 on 1 on up to 3 on 3 on a blacktop half court. So you can relive the video game magic that was the classic 1-on-1: Jordan vs. Bird or, for our even older readers, 1-on-1: Dr. J vs. Bird. Multiplayer makes this option even more fun for some rousing 2v2 action on the court. The controls are fluid and easy to learn and it makes for surprisingly accurate basketball action, but you'll need a gamepad with as many buttons as possible to take advantage of all of Live's moves. There are four difficulty modes so you'll find a challenge every time you play. Whether you're a hardcore or only casual hoops fan NBA Live 2001 is sure to impress and keep you dunking all season long. -Bob Andrews
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