Neighbours From Hell Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 9.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.0
Review by Kurt Knudsen


A while ago I played the demo of this game, which gives a very good taste of what to expect. It came with 3 tutorial levels and a few playable missions. The thing that I liked most about this game is its unique setting, and how the game is played.


The graphics style is a side-scrolling type game - think of Duke Nukem 2. There are cartoon style graphics, mixed in with what appears to be Claymation. The main play area of the game is a mockup of a TV show set. This is what really adds to the originality of the game - it’s like playing a TV show.

The whole game takes place inside a mans house. You have a complete view of what he is doing and thinking. The house looks remarkably realistic given the type of graphics used. You can see various rooms with different types of furnishings in them. The house really doesn’t change until later levels - which just add more rooms. The general layout remains the same but getting around the house unseen can be tricky at times.

Every room is decorated with a variety of things. Many you can interact with or use with your pranks. There is quite a bit to look at so the levels don’t get boring after a while, especially later on in the game, when there are a lot of rooms.

The characters are fairly detailed and but seem to change throughout the entire game. You play a skinny character and your 'enemy’ is an overweight old man. There are also pets that the man owns and they look great when you see them move around or get excited.

Moving from one room to another is awesome. The way they executed the transitions is really outstanding. It’s a flawless movement from one room to another, you see him open the door on one side and it opens on the other - you need to see it.

The overall animation of everything is fantastic. While the man usually walks around the house, it does get hilarious when you pull pranks on him. Different tricks cause different reactions from him – many of which are quite funny.


The moment you start the game you hear the crowd cheer and see your character give a quick wave to them. When you do pranks, you can hear the crowd holler with laughter as they watch the old man collide with disaster.

There is a sound track playing in the background. It has a TV show feel to it and really keeps the mood upbeat and exciting. The music repeats fairly often but many levels are short (spanning several minutes) so it doesn’t get annoying.

There aren’t a lot of voices in the game, just the grunts of the man as he sees what mess the player has created. Other than that, there is no dialog - which is perfectly fine being that it fits this type of game.

The sound effects range from great to gross. Everything you do causes havoc, whether it be putting an egg in the microwave or putting a laxative in the man’s root beer. Once the old man sees it he flips out and the hilarity begins. For the most part the sounds are fairly lifelike, which adds greatly to the realism.


As I mentioned the game takes place in a house and your objective is to place objects around the place to annoy the old man. You play various pranks on him to gain points. Once you finish the pranks the level ends, depending on your score, you will have the option to continue or replay the level.

The game is jam-packed with excitement and hilarious hijinks. As you progress through the game you get more tricks to play and a wide variety of ways to do them. Some tricks do repeat throughout the game, however, they are classic and you never tire of them.

The tutorials in the game are a must. They explain what to do and how to use your environment to find objects to use for playing foul tricks. There are three tutorials that explain various parts of the game and are quite fun to play with.

There are places in the house for you to hide from the old man, to guarantee you are not caught in the act. These come in useful many times through out the game, if the old man is coming and you need a quick escape plan.

There is a set time limit for each level - you must complete the tricks within the time limit or have the required score to pass. Also, if the old man sees you, he beats the living day lights out of you and you must start over.

At times the game can be fairly easy and at others it can require a great deal of planning to perform certain tricks. You can watch the old dudes routine as he walks through the house and get a general idea of what to do.

Oddly enough there are 3 seasons to the game, each having their own set of levels that you can play. While there are quite a few levels in the game, it does seem very short. You can easily beat this game within a few hours. While this may be short, it is great fun and I advise everyone to give this great game a try.