Neighbours From Hell 2 Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.5
Review by Kurt Knudsen
Neighbors from Hell 2 is a great game for all ages. It has enough elements to keep adults happy, while at the same time easy enough for kids to master. In this installment of the series we leave the house and follow the neighbor on his vacation. More puzzles, more tricks, and more laughter are sure to come.

Graphically the game is the exact same as the first one. It is still the same side-scrolling type game with a simple point and click interface. This works just fine, because the graphics fit the game perfectly, and there really isn’t much to change. The models look like claymation and the scenery looks great and fits in very well.

The animation from trick to trick flows flawlessly. You can see all the little details of the trick in action and the man’s doom. Everything you do is done to detail, even walking. When the old man is sleeping you can see his stomach rise and fall as each breath is drawn. You can notice the sandals falling off his feet as he walks. You can see everything and anything, it is great.

The scenery around you plays a pivotal part in the game. You use most of the stuff you see around you in almost every trick. From taking down an awning to removing a crab from its hole, almost everything gets used. In some cases these items may be used more than once, so you have to go back and get them again. As the game starts out things are simple, but as it progresses it can get difficult and remembering where you saw that one 'thing’ becomes important.

As with the first one you can easily move from one room to another, just point and click. If there is a door you go through it and magically appear on the next floor. In NFH2 you mainly navigate from panel to panel by walking up and down stairs.

Again this section is mostly the same as the fist. The crowd is still there to cheer you on as you provoke the old man and his companions. As you pull a prank off the crowd goes wild and a meter increases, more on this later. Each trick gets a different reaction from the crowd; combos get a much better reaction.

The music remained the same as well, still has that elevator-music feel to it. The music really lets you think as you set up and execute the tricks on the man and his family. A different style of music would only take away from the game, so I must say the music is quite perfect. Most missions are short so the music and sound effects don’t become annoying.

The sound effects are what you would expect. You can hear your character giggle as he sets something up and he gives off the classic 'Ah-hah!” as he finds something he could use. Everything you do has its own sound effect. You can hear the man cause a splash as he falls in some water, etc. There isn’t much voice activity in this game, as with the last. The only thing you can hear that might be a voice would be the fat man screaming in pain.

The objective is simple, cause as much distress and pain to the old man and his family as possible. You have to deal with the family finding you and possibly other animals. This becomes a problem as well as trying to figure out what to do next. Sometimes the tricks can be very obvious and other times they can be hidden and difficult to figure out.

There is a tutorial that is much like the first one. They step you through what to do and help you along the way. As new things are introduced the game explains what to do with a short tutorial. These tutorials are part of the level and can’t be skipped, which is good because you really should pay attention to get the best out of the game.

The levels require a set amount of tricks to be finished before you can head to the next level. You can do the set amount and just press a button to go to the next level or you can do them all and see how good you really are. As far as I know you don’t get any special bonus if you complete every trick and the combo bonus.

Probably the best thing they did to this game was remove the timer. Instead of a timer counting down they give you all the time in the world to complete the levels. If you read the previous paragraphs this is both a good and bad thing. In the first one I found myself running out of time a bit and in this one I find myself getting stuck a bit.

If you place a trick and don’t have enough time to leave the room sometimes there are spots to hide. Not every level has places to hide, but most do later in the game. If you are hiding you can not be caught, but you do not want to leave the hiding spot while someone is in the same room. If you are caught you lose a life, lose them all and the game is over. I don’t think I ever ran out of lives, I think I gave up faster than I died in most cases. Of course there will be times where you will be caught. When you are the person knocks you into a different room, never a room with a person in it.

As I stated earlier you can perform combos. What this means is setting up several tricks in a row to cause the most pain and the biggest reaction. If you get enough tricks in a row you get a combo bonus, this looks like a little trophy. Early in the game getting combos is quite easy, but as the game progresses getting these combos is difficult. If you want them you can replay the level and set everything up and watch the fun unravel.


I was very pleased with this installment of the game. The only major complaint I have about it is the length. Someone can easily beat the game in about 4 hours, which is not very long. The game offers a lot of laughs as you follow the man on his vacation causing him distress.

If you enjoyed the first one you will more than likely love this one. It plays the same, looks the same, and offers the same great hilarity the first one did and more.