Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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When the continent wasn't cracked, the Human had ruled over the continent and leaded a bountiful life through the splendid technology grafted the magic on the machine.Especially, maestros of POM invented the Neosteam Receiver to save the neosteam and it made a remarkable develpoment.But the king was afraid of the power of technology so he confined maestros to a small island and all developments were accomplished in there.

New world based on the steam punk.Mysterious magical nation "Elerd Kingdom" , mechanical nation "Republic of Rougel" and grand natural nation "Taxzn Alliance".The war among these nations to occupy the Neosteam.
Neosteam is the most important source to lead this world and all of machines can be operated by injecting the Neosteam.But Neosteam is not unlimited source so the world can be changed by the choice of players which machine they will use.
The block system to defend by constructing the castle directly and the siege weapon system to attack using by ancient weapons in the ancient ruins will give breathtaking and strategic interest.
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