Neocron 2
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2005-05-13
Publisher Atari
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtIn the 21st century, a disaster of apocalyptic proportions destroys human civilization. Only a handful of people manage to escape it. On a giant spaceship, they flee to a distant planet that promises to be paradise. But the poor, the forgotten, and those without scruples are left behind. Coldnss and poverty reign on Earth for 700 years before humankind finally succeeds in creating a new civilization. Time has left its mark on the human race, and the circumstances of life have brought out certain skills: the ability to adapt, incredible physical strength and even supernatural powers. Thus equipped, rivaling factions of survivors are now fighting over power and resources. The few towns that exist are polluted by crime, corruption and mistrust.

Form alliances with other players, plot and scheme, snoop and spy, and fight for power. Train your skills to gain wealth and influence, or choose to live the life of a recluse in the vast and adventurous wastelands in the middle of nowhere.

Within the city, you travel by subway. In the rambling wastelands, you are able to use various kinds of transport. Wield your self-made weapons in a first person perspective against monsters, mutants, and your fellow players. Battle in specially constructed arenas without suffering damage to your skills and values. Experience a world that is constantly changing and expanding.

Whatever you may choose to do: Prepare to enter a whole new life in a world that is both ancient and completely new - in Neocron!

Epic real-time RPG (MMORPG) in sci-fi/ cyberpunk style
"Massive Multiplayer Online" capability: thousands can play at the same time
State-of-the-art 3D engine including mirror and special effects
Players experience the game from a first- or third-person perspective
Detailed, densely populated world that includes weather effects and day and night simulations
Various districts and unexplored wastelands constitute more than 250 different maps
An extensive tunnel system under the city
4 different classes of characters with varying skills serve as the basis for individual characters that can then be modified
Countless design options via the character outfitter
BoP (Balance of Power) engine lets players transform their actions into stock values for their factions and clans
Different vehicles and means of transport, some of which can be used by more than one person at a time
Players can trade stocks, objects, and real estate to become business tycoons
Internal news and message system
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