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North America Retail Box ArtA first-person shooter/strategy game based on a Japanese animation series, Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes is strictly "fan fare." Set around the time of the original Mobile Suit Gundam cartoons, the war-story plot here is from the grunt's perspective, with players cast as the leader of a combat unit of Mobile Suits (think giant robots). Gameplay is broken down into missions in which players command their own Mobile Suit as well as issue orders to comrades. Although recent Gundam converts may be less than thrilled with the old-school looks (circa 1978) of the Mobile Suits in Gundam Side Story 0079, the 3-D graphics and animation of the Mobile Suits are incredibly faithful to the cartoons, as are the sound effects. On the other hand, the experience of piloting a Mobile Suit leaves much to be desired, as it's not nearly as graceful as it looks in the cartoons, and feels more like you're piloting a tank. The controls here are oversimplified, and the first-person cockpit-view perspective is about as effective as a peephole in combat situations. While Gundam Side Story 0079 is the first Gundam title to be released in the United States, it comes from a line of officially licensed titles that have always had a spotty history, one which this title simply doesn't rise above. --Joe Hon Pros: Excellent Mobile Suit 3-D graphics and animation Sound effects faithful to the cartoons Cons: Oversimplified controls; clunky combat Short game length
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