Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2006-09-29
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North America Retail Box ArtIn Neverend, you'll become an ancient fairy with broken wings. Feared and despised by humans, she has been forced to live among thieves. When their drunken leader turns on her and is killed, Agavaen finds herself on the run. Lead her across the world as she tries to find her place in this hostile, rough place. Rejected by society, Agavaen explores a vast and unique world arming herself with powerful weapons and spells as she uncovers the clues to her true identity.

- Full 3D combat with dynamic camera angles that adjust to each unique combat situation.
- Create a myriad of spells using the custom rune system.
- Distinct storylines based on how you play the game.
- Explore the huge world of Neverend populated with towns, castles, ruins and other areas. Engage in conversation with its inhabitants – will they be friend or foe?
- The Active Time Battle System (ATBS) adds combat dynamics as well as the ability to use numerous weapons and special combo moves in battle.
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