NHL 2001
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Date 2000-09-30
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2000-10-06
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEverything a hockey fan could possibly want is packed in the triumphant NHL 2001. While 2001 is not tremendously different from previous editions, the subtle improvements are welcome. You get 30 NHL teams and 20 international teams with all the current players and team uniforms. Desktop managers will have plenty of fun playing with player stats along with both fantasy and rookie draft and player trades.Old-school fans will like the ability to have their favourite squad play in their colours, but also in their throwback uniforms from way back when. Even if this is your rookie hockey season, you will find NHL 2001 to be surprisingly easy to get into. You will quickly be able to smack the puck around the ice and perform painful-looking body checks with ease. The machine generally plays a very tough game, but thanks to adjustable difficulty, with fast reflexes and a little management magic skill, soon you will virtually hoist the Stanley Cup over your virtual head.Of EA's famous sports titles this year, NHL 2001 has the most lifelike player renders and animation. Every single player is easily recognisable--if you know about these things--and shows a staggering amount of detail in both their faces and gear. The on-ice action is both quick and smooth.Although later on the matches do get tougher, somehow it seems fairly realistic, to watch a team almost panic when there is only a few ticks left on the clock.Casual and hard-core stat fanatics will find much to enjoy with NHL 2001. And even if you don't know a hockey puck from a basketball, you will quickly learn why EA dominates pixel hockey. --Mark Brooks
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