No One Lives Forever Review

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Graphics: 9.5
Sound : 9.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.4
Review by A.S.

In all my reviews, I like to usually start with the graphics, Why you ask? because the first impression lays within the eyes.... You look at the game and then get that "I'm gonna like this game" kind of feel.
No One Lives Forever uses the legendary LithTech engine (developed by Monolith, a.k.a. Shogo!), so you can make sure the latest eyecandy and perks will be available in this title. Looking at the first episode (level, episode, whatever you call it), you can see how remarkable the Textures are, You can see Morocco's beautiful Islamic buildings (Spectacular architecture by the way), the writing on the walls, the tight integration of lighting effects and various objects seamlessly integrated into the game, all of this simply creates one of the best Atmosphere's ever seen in FPS's really. The Models are more than Sweeet (-CartMan style), you can see the realistic taste monolith added to the game, specially when shooting an enemy running towards you, I really liked the way he is Forced Back by the shot (Very Movie-Like).

This is the first title to use Monolith's new LithTech 2.5 3D engine, two very remarkable and noticeable features are the Outdoor/Indoor integration and shifting, making the levels/maps a true delight, giving more variety to each and every scene you play; Models are also featured with weighted skeletal system, this same system divides the models to 18 separate damage zones making the game more realistic than ever; The Lithtech Engine made sure that it will use as many animation's possible, one of the main key goals monolith has set to introduce in the new LithTech Engine, Animation's (and Animation Combinations), adding a new pan to the FPS genre which is even More Realism.

The second Feature which is quite noticeable is the Outdoor/Indoor shifting, Monolith spoke about the competition (Quake, Unreal Tournament) and commented about the Terrain focus; you will notice how Monolith/Fox have many well done Indoors/Outdoors maps (both in one map, generally) making this game a true winner.

Some had already commented about how the game looks, how Monolith's so-called "Futuristic" engine (LithTech 2) wasn't All that big, let me tell you something, its astounding, just check out the screenshots I prepared for ya (Voodoo5 5500, FSAA 4x enabled with a mere 800x600 resolution :P).


With games like Quake3, Unreal Tournament, Soldier of Fortune, half-life and Kingpin, Do we really need another First Person Shooter? Is there anything possibly new to add on this genre? You Bet! and Monolith/Fox made sure you'll get it all in their new title: No Ones Lives Forever.
Monolith, proud father of the LithTech engine, is continuing its strategy in making a "Out Of This World" Engine; With the release of Sanity (Monolith/Fox also), we saw that the LithTech engine can be used to things different than First Person Shooters, with their ongoing LithTech games such as: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Blood II, Septerra Core and KISS: Psycho Circus, Monolith is Pushing FPS's for all its got. [Introduction=10, Dah, I wrote it :P)


Here we go! Let me start by saying its as cool as Bush Junior on Drugs (and I aint American :P). This game is absolutely Fun, Addictive, Challenging, very fast and surprising. You can experience realistic (or atleast Movie-Like :P) action, enemies popping out from realistic places (not jumping through windows or out of baskets :P), a Great AI which, by the way, Hides, tries to evade your shots, use anything they see to avoid being shot...etc.. (They wont go Kamikaze and just stand infront of you while you kill'em). The atmosphere is to your liking, I was quite happy to see the starting missions at Morocco, those amazing middle eastern atmospheres of exotic and of divine architecture from the Islamic Period just makes you drool on your cloths (hints, don't wear a shirt while playing the game..).
As I said, the Gameplay is superbly Crafted, you have various Objective based Maps (which dynamically change, in case of need...) and basically all other Elements of First Person Shooters.
One of the more Appealing parts of the game are a WEAPONS (just capitalized that because most of you gamers just like the god damn weapons :P), you have a total of 30 weapons throughout the game, giving this FPS's the utter respect it deserves!

Just to conclude Single player Gameplay, I'd say this is a sure winner, very solid and fun plot. If you think FPS, Think No Ones Lives Forever.

MultiPlayer is quite fun, I will not go deeply into this area because I haven't played the game with my local friends (I will prepare a nice Multiplayer Revision of NOLF :P, don't worry)


Very good sound effects, you can overhear some of the guards/people just babbling and throwing off nice lines (just to make it even more realistic I presume :P), the Sound F/X of the weapons, gadgets, characters, animals (yes, I saw and heard a monkey.. :P), vehicles and more are Juuust Right (try to say that.. Juuu... Yea! again.... OK,enough, now your being dumb :P), The music is quite good but not As Good as I expected (What can I say, I didn't find it that great :P), non the less it does fit the mood of the situations your in and the levels your at.


Absolutely gorgeous graphics, Textures that will make you droop all over, Gameplay that will last for a while. Make sure you buy this game because it is you total Time Killer