No One Lives Forever
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 4493
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Date 2001-10-01
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2000-12-08
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtNo One Lives Forever is an outstanding action/adventure game that combines the campy 1960s-style spy-spoof storylines of the Austin Powers movies with great single-player gameplay. Clever, funny and stylish aren't words normally associated with first-person shooters, but NOLF is anything but normal.Assuming the role of sexy UNITY operative Cate Archer, you must complete 15 enormous and distinct missions to keep the world safe from H.A.R.M., a nefarious organisation rife with colourful arch-villains. In true Hollywood style, the game is laced with cutscenes that set the stage for your missions and advance the plot by showing H.A.R.M. higher-ups boasting about their evil plans. The dialogue in both the cutscenes and the in-game action sequences is witty and genuinely funny, and the voice acting is excellent. We found ourselves hiding in dark corners just so we could eavesdrop on the bad guys.The comic antics end abruptly when enemies catch wind of your presence. Whether they stumble across a body you carelessly left in your wake, hear you creeping about, respond to a tripped alarm or simply see you, these foes are all business. They will stalk you, duck behind cover and call for reinforcements. All the action is straight from a spy movie: shoot a guy on a balcony, and he'll tumble over the rail and fall to the ground. Fire a gun underwater, and you'll see the spiral trail of the bullet.Most missions can be approached in a variety of ways, and although full-frontal assaults are possible, stealthy progression is usually better for your health. Being a superspy, you will have plenty of gadgets to help you along the way, from a lock-pick barrette to a robotic poodle capable of turning even the most ferocious attack dog into man's best friend. Players who like to send a more direct message will enjoy playing with the game's full assortment of firearms, including Bond-worthy silencer pistols and briefcase rocket launchers.The quality of AI and inventiveness of the single-player missions are fortunate because the multiplayer component doesn't compare to Unreal Tournament or Counter-Strike. Regardless, No One Lives Forever should be on the short-list of any fan of first-person shooters looking for an unbeatable solo experience. --T. Byrl Baker
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