No Time For Dragons
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Fateful times have fallen on the Middle World and its destiny lies in the hands of Victor, the main character of the game. He will learn the magic of the four elements and master the Power to fulfill his destiny.
Lead by a young sorceress, Telle, Victor must take a magical and personal journey of discovery testing his nerve and faith. Is he the chosen one? What is his destiny? Is he the dragon killer?All will be revealed using a stunning high tech graphics engine and played out in an exciting RPG universe.

Classic Action / RPG action based on famous Russian science-fiction novels
Learn and master the magic of the four elements, totem spells, cold steel and fire-arms
Interact with many mysterious and spectacular heroes and follow your sorceress guide, Telle, as she schools you in the art of magic and reveals your destiny
Effectiveness of elemental magic depends on time of day choose the time for battle wisely and carefully
High-tech engine based on the hugely successful
Dawn of Magic title
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