Noir Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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It’s grown out of fantasy world which is the mainstream of MMORPG in current days and claims to stand for reality with characteristic materials. Family oriented systems are one of the main features of Noir Online that enhance interests in aspect of community.

Based on Shanghai in China where the chaotic era of big changes to modern times, hard-core action in a never-seen whole new world of mix of east and west. Realistic 3D graphic grown out of fantasy and objects of reality is described accurately after years of historical research.

1) Items – The power of Unity, Strengthening System, Enchant System etc...

2) Battle System – Instance Battle, Fast Action, Rage Gauge Skill, Sworn brother combo.

3) Family System – Family is the same as ‘guild’ in other games, and a kind of organization existing only in the world of ‘Noir’. You can be deep involved in family by taking as many battles as possible, or you can remain in your family just as member for social reasons like making friends.

4) Stock Trading System – This unique system of Noir Online provides additional amusements for users. You can be part of this in-game stock market by selling and buying stocks just like in real world. It would be wise to keep conservation on stock news, if you intend to make good profits from stock market! Come join us right now!!!
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