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Date 2004-04-08
North America Retail Box ArtKent is not your normal high-resolution superbly-crafted 3-D animated action hero. He is a maladjusted grunge-head from the police state of Neutropolis. Kent is screwed up. He is wanted by the dreaded "norm police" in conjunction with sick ultra-sinister criminal activity as whistling a tine of his own choosing and having more than three living brain cells. Ken is a fugitive from justice. can he escape the effects of the omnipotent brain-suckers mood magnet? Can he successfully lead the underground movement to overthrow Neupolois' evil dictator?

- Hilarious paraody of standard video games
- Hours of digitized speech by poeple you may or may not recognize
- Screwball plot with dozens of vaguely amusing subplots
- State-of-the-Art motion capture animation for ultra-realisitc movement.
- Rated "T" for Animated Violence, use of tobacco and alcohol
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