Operation Barbarossa: The Struggle for Russia
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2009-08-14
Publisher Matrix Games
Date 2009-08-14
Publisher Matrix Games
Operation Barbarossa: The Struggle for Russia, a new World War II strategy game aimed at all levels, from those who have never played a wargame before to those who know the history of World War II in detail. In Operation Barbarossa: The Struggle for Russia, you will take command in two German and one Soviet campaign as well as individual scenarios and determine the fate of the Eastern Front. Your armor, infantry, artillery and air units will follow you through the most crucial battles of the Eastern Front. You will be able to choose from 47 different upgrades and improvements for your units as well as add new forces based on your success in the campaign.

Over 140 different units featuring all important historical weapon systems with up to 23 different characteristics
Experience based promotion system that offers the player 47 different upgrades to create individual units
Three historical campaigns from the start of Operation Barbarossa until the Battle of Berlin and a tutorial campaign that provides easy access for beginners
Interactive, animated 3D environment and detailed 3D units
Visible weather system with five weather types that influence ground and air units
Expanded strategic options like destruction and repair of infrastructure and fortifications
Special unit capabilities like engineers and paratroops
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