Operational Art of War
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 28340
Date 2000-05-11
Publisher TalonSoft
Date N/A
Operational Art of War Operational Art of War United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTalonSoft has released a number of The Operational Art of War collections, but Century of Warfare is undoubtedly the definitive package. Within this box you'll find all the games and expansion packs in this operational-level turn-based combat war-game series, which collectively lets users re-create any large battle between 1939 and the present. Players who have already enjoyed the games in this series might be wondering why they should shell out more money to buy games they already have. We can think of two good reasons. First, The Operational Art of War: Volume 1 has been updated to contain all of the engine enhancements that were added to Volume 2. Also, the entire series now shares a single large database, meaning units from any era can fight against one another. Vietnam-era units can fight against modern forces, hypothetical post-WWII battles with a smattering of equipment from the Korean War can be set up, and the possibilities are endless. Novices can ease into the game's complex interface by playing one of the simpler scenarios that are provided, then graduate to the bigger, tougher campaigns (like the entire Korean War). This is a complicated game, requiring a large time investment from anyone who wants to get good at it, but its depth and scope make it the best game to date for simulating large battles. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Every Operational Art of War product is included Enhanced and combined database makes interesting hypothetical battles possible The original game has been upgraded to the standards of its sequel Cons: Still runs slowly on all but the fastest PCs
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Operational Art of War North America Retail Box Art

Operational Art of War United Kingdom Retail Box Art