Orbital Gear
Genre Action -> Action
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Orbital Gear Launch Trailer (HD)
21.66MB - 43 downloads - 10 August, 2014

Orbital Gear is a fast paced shooter, where gravity defying mechs fight each other in a multiplayer mayhem! You slingshot yourself using the gravity of planets and try to aim your movement towards the enemy, in an attempt to destroy their base. Once you have destroyed enough buildings or defeated enough enemies and stolen their energy cores you quickly manoeuvre yourself away from the enemy fire and leave the energy cores in your main base, charging your super weapon and obliterating your opponents once and for all! Orbital Gear puts the players as enormous mechs, battling each other in the orbit of celestial bodies. To stay alive you need to defeat your opponents, thus receiving their energy cores; healing you and recharging your weapons. Orbital Gear has two game modes: the classic deathmatch for overall mayhem Orbital Warfare where two teams battle each other to charge up a super weapon that destroys the opposing team's base. This is achieved by destroying opponents and stealing their energy cores.

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