Organic Panic
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Organic Panic PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD)
51.98MB - 26 downloads - 8 April, 2014

Organic Panic is a mad action puzzle physics and liquids platformer. It breaks all the rules of game mechanics. Everything reacts with real world physics, including the liquids, and you can make your own levels by drawing them, drag-n-drop items, adding bad guys etc. Just add water (or any other liquids) and then share them and have the community rate them - endless possibilities = endless fun.

play Organic Panic PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD) download Organic Panic PAX East 2014 Trailer (HD)
Organic Panic Trailer (HD)
55.24MB - 48 downloads - 24 July, 2013

Meat & Cheese battle Fruit & Veg in a quirky physics puzzler featuring real fluids, totally destructible levels, real fire, and an in-game editor to build and share your own levels

play Organic Panic Trailer (HD) download Organic Panic Trailer (HD)