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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtAlone, confused, and lacking equipment, Commander Cutter Slade has been transported to an alien world in a parallel universe. Though it is not part of his original mission, Cutter soon finds himself embroiled in an alien conflict; locating five sacred objects could turn the tide in the war and grant freedom for the planet's native race. Thus begins Outcast a massive action-adventure game from Infogrames. Although the output of adventure games has decreased in frequency since the days of The Curse of Monkey Island the epic Outcast seeks to revitalise the genre with its broad storyline, action sequences, and film-like presentation. Despite its ability to render mountainous landscapes with exquisite beauty, Outcast's voxel-based graphics engine is inconsistent--characters are well modelled, but objects are blocky and hard to distinguish--hampering its visual appeal. Furthermore, enjoying Outcast at its highest graphical detail requires a computer well beyond the minimum system requirements. Outcast's enthralling story and gameplay make up for its graphical shortcomings. Players control Cutter Slade from either a first--or third-person perspective through gigantic environments. Adventure segments follow standard genre conventions; you'll solve inventory- and dialogue-based puzzles to advance the storyline. Outcast's action elements revolve around firefights with the world's nefarious characters. Outcast represents a new breed of adventure game. By combining action elements typically found in first-person shooters and platform games with the epic storyline and well-developed characters of a traditional adventure title, Infogrames has created an extremely rounded experience that appeals to a wide range of computer gamers. --Doug Radcliffe Pros: Epic story line Movielike soundtrack Innovative game play Many interesting characters Cons: Steep performance requirements Inconsistent graphics
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