Outforce Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.5
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The Outforce (c) O3 Games

"Real-time Strategy with some RPG elements", Action/RTS, 3D RTS's, All of the mentioned are the worst kind of RTS's. RTS's (As in Real Time Strategy), has been redefined since the days of Dune 2: Building of a dynasty, The superb gameplay, suspense, expanding tree of technologies, buildings and units is what made it the best. Westwood has understood what gamers wanted, creating Command And Conquer, to Again, stun the RTS's even to have been created. Where others had failed, OutForce succeeded, with one minor glitch.

Outforce is a 3D Engine Based, Topdown ("Classical" View, Dune, C&C, Dark Reign 1 and many others), Extremely well found and built. The story takes place after the mankind had to leave earth and extend its reaches (for the usual War/Alien/Destruction reasons), And they build their new home on a planet where War between two alien races has been taking place for quite a long time. I found the storyline amazingly Shallow, A Little mystery here and there, but nothing revolutionary, I did however, Find a spectacular game with astounding Sound effects, Graphics, Visual Effects and more.....

Gameplay: 7.5/10

I'm going to approach gameplay first due to the "new" style this game has. The game takes place in Outer Space, not on the planet itself, no ground, nothing to hold to. At first, I said to myself, its a 3D engine, how good can it be? Yet I was quite astonished to be playing with one of the most interesting and intriguing engines ever. I found the engine and the gameplay to be one of a kind, Sort of. The game itself is as if its been built from the Good parts of other RTS's, a Big influence, I presume, was Total Annihilation, even the building process looked like TA's (Total annihilation's...), You could carry out the same kind of Aiding when building units, buildings and pretty much everything in the game, You have the normal Builder/Constructor and then the Advanced Constructor (which is extremely similar to TA's basics), You could Track units (Something, if I'm not mistaken, TA introduced) and the actual gameplay Feels like TA, only in space.

The units and buildings are very diverse, you have a nice variety of units and building to choose from and enjoy a Well rounded, Balanced game, Though in 3D, the game itself has the Classical element of the original Games (And you can play around with the camera's....). I think that OutForce beats any Lately released RTS, including the So-Over-Hyped Dark Reign 2 (And you might even say Battlezone 2, which was rather disappointing). Overall, I'd say go get it, its very small compared to what it offers.

Graphics: 8/10

The entire game is based on the 3D engine, I don't have any idea if its an existing Engine or if it was specially designed for this game, in both cases, the outcome is simply great. The textures are very quite detailed, every aspect of the game is truly well done, even the "Harvesters" or Collectors as they are called in this game.
Nothing more to add that wasn't really said in the Gameplay section, so, go back and read that, as Graphics are a huge part of the gameplay...

Audio: 8/10

Good, simply good, but good :). Each mission enters with a little mysterious sound, preparing you for the unknown, If I'm not mistaken, there is a dynamic twist into it, the music changes as you approach the enemy or the other way around, you might say its more than average.... As for the sound Effects, I'd say its a total Copy (at least in principal) from StarCraft, I could swear that one of the units has the same tone, voice and words from one of StarCraft's units, but overall, its quite refreshing to finally see a new, 3D based, Good looking balanced RTS.

Overall: 7.5/10

If your a Mid RTS gamer, Get it. If your a hard-core gamer like me, definitely get it.

NOTE: If you have a Voodoo5 (or any card that DOESN'T compromise speed for AntiAliasing, use 4xFSAA (Or AA :P), it will look even better.