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North America Retail Box ArtHey pardner, you lookin' for something more from your 3-D first-person shooters than mindless action and unrelated levels that serve more as technological showcases than as settings for a coherent story? Maybe it's time you cinched your gun belt, strapped on your spurs, and entered the atmospheric world of Outlaws, a genuine classic of a game that thrusts players into a Wild West adventure with a spaghetti Western plot. You're a retired marshal recently coaxed out of retirement by the sinister, mustachioed bad guys that killed your wife, burned your farm, shot your dog, and stole your Bible. Outlaws has a lot to offer fans of single-player action, but the graphics are strictly love 'em or leave 'em. The cutscenes used to advance the plot are rendered in gritty comic-book fashion, and that design theme extends to the actual gameplay. Everything from the enemies you fight to the guns you carry have the look of a graphic novel, and that might not appeal to gamers used to being thrust into game worlds that display everything in full 3-D. Here the environments are 3-D, but all the characters and objects are reminiscent of cardboard cutouts. We appreciated this design decision, as it drew us further into the game's plot and made transitions from the movies to the interactive portions more seamless. Even now, several years after its release, Outlaws still inspires cries of "yeehaw!" every time we load it up. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: The plot, voice work, and especially the music exude classic Western movie style A strong graphic design with even stronger gameplay Cutscenes are done well Somewhat realistic elements like having to manually reload your guns make for tense action Cons: It's an older game and won't impress the majority of the 3-D action crowd
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