Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 894
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2007-04-27
North America Retail Box ArtIn Overclocked, the adventure game veterans from House of Tales tackle a problem that is as archetypal, as it is topical: violence.

Set against the backdrop of a catastrophic thunderstorm raging over New York, Overclocked mixes frightening fictional thriller Elements with real research findings on war simulation and psychology. As a US army psychiatrist, the player is tasked with exploring the memories of several characters as he finds himself in a true psychological thriller.

Using innovative narrative structures, Overclocked charts the diffuse areas where memories and illusions, dreams and reality, perpetrators and victims meet and deals with an issue that is as topical as it is ancient: violence.

Technically, Overclocked takes the engine from The Moment of Silence to the next level with an innovative character animation system, improved facial expressions, more real-time camera movement, cinematic dialogues and lots of interaction – the results are strong visuals and an involving story. Overclocked is a political psycho-thriller with survival-horror flair that offers thrills, as well as plenty food for thought.

controversial and topical story
innovative narrative approach
45 locations, 6 playable characters, approx. 5,000 lines of dialogue
densely animated pre-rendered settings
real-time particle FX, shadows and shader FX
dynamic lighting
facial expressions with Emotion FX 2
innovative dialogue system
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