Pac Man Adventures Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
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Pac-Man Adventures In Time (c) Hasbro


What's small, yellow and likes to eat small dots? Pacman of course! Now he's back again, in 3D and stronger then ever(?). This time some larger Pacman wannabe has crushed a holy ball that protects Pacman and his friend s.k earth from evilness and so on... The holy ball got crushed into 4 pieces and now Paccie has to find them...


Well, what can you expect from a game like this? Cursor keys, one button that makes Pacman jump and one for changing view (from 3D to choper view). So I start a new game and run around to catch those small pills... on the way you might grab a little bigger yellow ball and those ghost suddenly becomes eatable. What now you think? Eat those monsters and collect some points! Pretty simple game, you walk up and down, from left to right, over a bridge and so on, easy and eventually boring.


When you play history mode, the music at the first levels are kinda...srange? It's Jungle/Saffari music. The sound when you eat one of those yellow pills is that ound you hear when you sit down on a leather couch, you know which sound I mean :D


The test pc was a PII450, 128sdram and had a Voodoo 2 8mb. And the game seems to love the 3dfx cards, which was nice. When you play with the 3D view you see all those wonderful (?) things like trees and stuff. But, if you're an oldschooler (really old :P) you might want to use the "old-fashion" view, straight from above. It's much easier to play and complete levels, but if you want to enjoy the graphics I suggest you play with the 3D view. Good graphics for a such a game.


This game maybe isn't created for the Q3 fans, and it won't last that long, so sorry Pacman, Game Over :o/ But I must admit they this is some nice graphics, funny music and easy controls :) You'll enjoy this game if you like / liked the pacman games, but only buy this if you like the genre or have not reached 12 years yet!