Pacific Fighters Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 9.5
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.2
Review by Scott “TheGoodEvil” Allred
Alone, in the air somewhere over the Pacific, stagnant exhaust fumes lingering in the cockpit and the thought of your best girl on your mind, these are the images that will rush into your mind while playing Pacific Fighters. All aspects of Pacific Fighters are trimmed to apply the realest Pacific air combat feeling you could possibly have, this is good and bad. Here’s why,

Realism or Fun? How About Both.
As many gamers will tell you realism in small doses is fine, but a flight simulator is as real as possible so in most aspects a simulator goes against the many laws that govern what people want in games. Arcade games dominate the market because they are fast and furious, instant action and frenetic gaming makes people want to play more. It’s almost an adrenal disorder, where you get your jollies off buy living vicariously in a pixilated fantasy realm of gun toting monsters and jet that fire lasers. Pacific Fighters breaks into a category seldom covered by many other games, the fact that it’s very realistic and at the same time fun, not to mention beautiful.

Out of the wild blue yonder!
Flying in a piston engine fighter is a fantasy that many young men and some women have. Racing through the skies, guns blazing, trying to take down the enemy bombers before they level your hometown is all part of the fantasy that Pacific Fighters provides. The physics in Pacific Fighters are quite realistic, try to bank too hard and you’ll stall, take a hit in a steering mechanism and you won’t be able to use that mechanism which will force you to try “other means” of steering. Dog fights are quite remarkable getting a Tojo in my crosshairs makes me want to scream out “BANG, YOU DEAD!” likewise it adds a sense of urgency in taking him down so you can worry about the other 3 Tojos that are coming from the rear. You can jump into instant action to test your skills at dog fighting either the Japanese or Americans. You can play in career mode, which takes you on a grand adventure of destruction for the sole purpose of reenacting history and reshaping it to something more to your ideals. You can adjust your plane to levels you see fit, you can also adjust more game options to add more of an arcade feeling to the game, like unlimited ammo and unlimited fuel. The major downside is the only multiplayer is IP only.

It keeps going and going and going...
Another major bummer of Pacific Fighters is the INCREDIBLY LONG travel time to get to the fighting. When I say long I also mean very boring. Luckily “Maddox Games” added the most needed feature of a speed increase option “phew”. I almost toasted this title for the boring hour-long straight-line trips to combat. I had a cool line worked out about how “This is why Japan lost the war, their pilots would fall asleep before they made it to the action” now I am stuck because that one little option made the game a totally awesome, engrossing experience. I admit I never played IL-2 so I have no references besides what I read, that will change because I fully plan to make an investment in IL-2 if it is even half as good as Pacific Fighters.

The graphics are absolutely fantastic, stunning, beautiful, great, attractive, and many other words from my handy thesaurus. The view inside the cockpit is just cool, while flying the controls will move as you steer. The dials will move, the pedals will go up and down, and the stick will move around. The models of the planes are absolutely perfect, they look real enough to make me stay up till 7am just to shoot them all down. Bullet streaks are great as well, you will see the smoke spew out of your guns and streak behind the projectile. Planes will break up when hit, causing debris to fly back towards you (if you are behind them) and pilots will parachute when they are going down. All around Maddox did a wonderful job on the graphics of Pacific Fighters, and the system requirements show it.

“Chitty chitty bang bang, Chitty chitty bang bang”
The clunkers of the skies take flight once again with some putts and stutters but most importantly a roar! You will constantly hear History Channel type sound effects, like gunfire and engines, it’s really quite nicely done. Everything just fits in like a glove, the right sounds for the right components really puts you in the game and makes you feel like you are a real pilot for the US navy. God bless the military and all of the games that are made to represent them!

TheGoodEvil’s Verdict
Maddox has proven to me that Flight Sims are indeed fun and that realism in some situations is a good thing. I can’t wait for more games from Maddox to slide across my desk because playing Pacific Fighters is truly a treat.

The Goods,
Near perfect depiction of WWII Pacific Air Combat, stellar graphics, great sounds, cool cockpit view (it truly is cool).

The Evils,
Without the “time accelerate” option you will literally fall asleep waiting to get to the fight, no online component.

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