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Date 2004-03-23
Publisher Atari
Date 2000-10-27
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtCombat Flight Simulator 2 is a historic flight sim fan's dream come true. Excellent graphics, great sound effects and adjustable realism settings make CFS2 a thrilling and accessible sortie into the unfriendly skies of the South Pacific during World War II.After choosing to fly for the Japanese or American forces you can pick from a selection of seven ultra-realistic aircraft.There are over 100 missions to fly, many based on historic missions from the war. This unusual level of realism and attention to detail comes from the game developers' personal love of flight: many members of the CFS2 team are pilots. The missions themselves are lengthy and often complex, and are just as accurate as the planes; players take part in history, but cannot change the outcomes of battles.Graphics are very sharp and detailed. However, for optimum performance be aware that you will need a blazing fast machine with a fast video card.The between-mission story arc is told through 1940s-style comic book panels. This successfully moves the story along while maintaining the feeling that the characters are aware that they are never far from instant death.While the game does include such famous planes as the US Corsair, Wildcat, P38F Lightning and Japanese Zero its total of merely seven craft left us wanting more, even with the vastly different handling of each plane--an impressive feature.This, however, is a relatively small shortcoming in an otherwise deep and involving game. If you have a powerful enough PC Combat Flight Simulator 2 is a delight, and is sure to please both war historians and flight sim enthusiasts. --Mark Brooks
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