Panzer General 3
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2000-10-03
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2000-10-06
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPanzer General III puts you in command of four campaigns on the Eastern Front during World War II. With a number of Officers below you, each with differing experience and skills, you have to assign your different units to their commanders and direct the battles as either a German or Russian.The range of units available to you is very impressive. Starting with basic equipment, more gear becomes available as the time progresses, and the victories roll in. To command this "gear" you need to assign the right officers to the right regiments, and this is an important factor in winning the game--no good posting an infantry officer to command your artillery--and as they gain battle experience, the better their movement and effectiveness against the enemy becomes.Panzer General III is unique in the sense that you have a number of turns to make your manoeuvres, before the enemy has a chance to react. Once you have made your moves--which could be attacking, digging in, re-supplying, repairing damaged vehicles or simply moving to a better tactical position--it is your enemy's chance to respond to your actions. You can only control your pieces during your "turn". Once your enemy has finished manoeuvring, control reverts back to you. However, if the enemy attacks your units, they will respond, either by returning fire, or retreating, if they survive.The nature of Panzer General III requires tactical forward thinking--the enemy will easily quash a lone unit. Only through unified co-ordinated movements can you defeat your enemy while avoiding crippling casualties. Not so much an action game as other RTS contemporaries, Panzer General III is more like a war management game, but in that it is totally original and a welcome change. --Chris Hall
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