Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 20219
Date N/A
Publisher Cavebug Games
Date N/A
Publisher Cavebug Games
Pathstorm is a puzzle game where player's primary goal is to find a variety of hidden objects on the playfield using only a ball as a guide. The player rolls the ball onto one of the playfield's many covered paths, and by paying attention to visual and audio clues and using basic logic, the player isolates the locations of those hidden obstacles and clears the level.

- 134 non-timed Journey levels spanning 4 difficulties: Junior, Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.
- 67 timed Challenges.
- 2- and 4-Directional Bouncers, Splitters, Shifters, Twirlers, Scramblers, Switchers, and Fast and Slow Balls create wide variations of gameplay.
- Standard and Find the Exits levels in non-rotated and rotated varieties across 10 colorful playfield themes.
- A fun, more visual Kids Mode popular with all ages.
- Special Power-Ups: Turn on Magic Balls, get the location of a hidden object with a Hint, or mix it up with All Scramblers Mode.
- Create nearly endless levels in the Custom Puzzle menu.
- Access all your Favorite levels and Share them with your friends on the same computer or via email.
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