Payday 2 Charlie Santa DLC
Genre Action -> FPS
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Payday 2 Charlie Santa DLC Trailer (HD)
42.48MB - 100 downloads - 17 December, 2013

The CHARLIE SANTA HEIST is the first annual OVERKILL Xmas heist for PAYDAY 2 and lets players do a classic bank job - robbing the GO Bank, based on a map from Counterstrike: Global Offensive, in the outskirts of Washington D.C. This heist is completely free for our players and also introduces a free Weapon sight and - of course - a Santa mask for the community. Merry Xmas! Up to four friends co-operate on the heists, and as the crew progresses they have a chance to unlock an even more rewarding job - doing a classic train robbery. New weapons, weapon modifications, masks, patterns and materials have been added to let players continue to build and customize their own guns and gear.

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