Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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PikGem is an absorbing 3d arcade for PC where you control a little guy called Gulpy.
Gulpy collects more and more gems through fascinating game worlds. You should also think how to avoid the various traps and escape from funny monsters. To help you, Gulpy can jump over obstacles, kick enemies or find special capacities (speed up, teleporation and much more).
An unique feature in PikGem : you can take control of different vehicles : rocket, skate, or waggon to go faster in levels !


* Collect gems through 60 action-packed levels !
* Including 15 addictive bonus levels.
* Various world : Tropic , Dungeon, Ice and Space.
* Various traps,bonuses,and monsters.
* Fun vehicles, as rockets,skates or wagons.
* Seven types of monsters.
* Windowed or Fullscreen mode.
* Mouse or keyboard controls.
* Tutorial and learning mode.
* No violence, for all users.
* Unlimited play time.

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