Pirate Hunter
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
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Pirate Hunter, a combat adventure where players plunder and loot ships, invade towns, capture buccaneers and defeat infamous pirates.
Players can also increase their wealth by trading goods between cities and delivering on missions. The goal is to gain money to increase their fleet and ultimately become rich enough to become Governor.

- 16 fully detailed scenarios with open-ended options

- Real-time 3-D effects -- for example, during sea battles, ships sway on the waves and damage is shown instantly

- 5 levels of difficulty, defined by the nation and time period

- 4 nations (England, Spain, France and the Netherlands) and 4 period

- Vast, detailed game world spanning 60 towns across the islands of the Caribbean

- Missions range from shipwreck and rescue to hunting pirates and
attacking towns

- 12 different ship types, from the smaller sloop to the mighty Ship of the Line

- Extra game options to unlock as players progress

- Quick Game Start and Tutorial for novice pirates
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