Pirates of the Mysterious Islands
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2007-04-25
Date 2007-04-25
Mysterious Islands introduces new game content inspired by nautical science-fiction, such as the works of Jules Verne, and includes characters and ships such as Captain Nemo and the Nautilus. This expansion brings stealthy submarines and cutthroat mercenary ships into the online digital battle, and introduces a new terrain type—the mysterious island—where pirates may find untold fortunes or unknown perils.

- An expansion for SOE's online version of the Pirates CSG, the WizKids tabletop strategy game of 3D high-seas pirate combat.
- Brings the industrial age to the high seas by introducing steel hulled ships, submarines, mines, power cannons, and the periscope.
- Each pack contains two sailing ships, submarines or sea monsters, one treasure card and one mysterious island card. You will find 93 new ships, 36 new crew and 14 new treasure cards.
- Adds the Mercenary, a new nationality with the ability to gain a head start when departing their home island.
- Adds a new type of terrain--the Mysterious Island--where a player may find good or ill fortune.
- Casual and Tournament formats available to accommodate all player levels.
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