Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 4462
Date 2004-10-11
Date 2003-05-23
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPlanetSide: Aftershock is a new world of large-scale battles and tactical base assaults. Engage your enemies with a wide variety of weapons, combat specializations and all-new mechanized BattleFrame Robotics(BFRs). Go online for infantry attacks, ground-based vehicle mobilizations, dynamic air battles, and giant robot assaults. Join an empire on the planet Auraxis and battle for complete domination! Wage war on four new Battle Islands designed for tactical assaults, large-scale battles and strategic terrain advantages Requires monthly subscription fee of $12.99, through credit card or Game Card purchase

- Contains Planetside and Planetside: Core Combat
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