Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 22341
Date 2003-08-20
Publisher N/A
Date 2003-08-20
Publisher N/A
"Once upon a time there was this small, but very old, robot who liked to play with all sorts of different balls.
His name was Plo-Bot, but his friends just called him Plop, because of the funny noises he made when playing.
One day he accedentily broke one of his fotballs and this fotball was not happy at all.

Although Plo-Bot tried to explain to the ball that he did not mean to hurt him, the fotball left the robot to join up with a neighbouring soccer team.

A few days went by and then a evil beach volley robot started to terrorise the neighbourhood with magnetic balls.

Our hero robot decided to do something about this..."

Control Plo-Bot as he tries to uncover the Mysteries of the Three Boards.
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