Port Royale
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 0
Date 2003-06-17
Publisher Ascaron
Date 2003-04-04
Publisher Ascaron
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPort Royale is a unique combination of role-playing and strategy, as you command vast fleets and fight for power, during the height of piracy!

- The adventure takes place between the 16th & 17th centuries, in the real-world location of Port Royale. Your goal is to become the governor of this port town -- how you achieve that is up to you.
- Undertake missions of behalf of various seafaring nations -- work for Spain, Holland, England, and France as you capture or sink treasure-laden convoys throughout the Gulf Of Mexico
- Accept contracts to hunt down rival ships, and earn rank that you can use politically
- The higher your ranks, the more ships you can command -- see if you can reach the highest rank, then command 100 ships in the greatest naval battles ever seen!
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