Port Royale 2
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2004-09-13
Publisher Tri Synergy
Date 2004-09-10
Publisher Ascaron
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBecome an adventurous trader in the Caribbean 17th Century in this exciting action game. Trade and create production facilities, but beware: threatened by pirates and military fleets, you must protect your trade convoys. Provide escort ships, hunt for pirates and capture military ships as you become more famous and expand your fleet as well as your stocks of goods.

- As you complete missions, you'll gain wealth and property -- as well as new enemies to deal with
- Set up your own trade cartels and exploit any position you earn
- Discover the consequences of war, as you loot and conquer towns, build new facilities and try to take care of your people and your crew
- Choose from 16 different ship types, including some available only to nations or pirates
- Open-ended gameplay -- stay a pirate and outlaw forever, or take over a town and grow it into a mighty port
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Port Royale 2 Trailer
80.8MB - 393 downloads - 18 August, 2004

Port Royale 2 Trailer

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