Postal 2 Share The Pain
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 1116
Date 2004-01-09
Date 2003-11-21
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPostal 2: Share The Pain lets you spend a week living the life of Postal Dude -- a guy on the edge, who could snap at any moment. Will he become a pacifist or a bloodthirsty killer? It's totally up to you! It's over-the-top, violent and absurd humor for the gamer craving a new kind of shooter.

- Accomplish multiple missions during your five-day week, and decide where & when to snap
- Explore a massive game world freely -- multiple neighborhoods realistic & destructible environments to shoot up
- Over 100 characters you can interact with - some armed, some not. Experiment with the cops, protestors, Gary Coleman and more & see what happens
- Powerful AI and realistic graphics make the human & human/animal interactions more real and more exciting
- New mission-based multiplayer game puts you up against fellow mail carriers who've gone postal
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