Prime World
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Nival, an innovative global games developer and publisher, today announced it is bringing Prime World to North America and Europe. Prime World is a cross-platform game, with key features available on Facebook, PC, Mac as well as iOS and Android-enabled platforms.

PvP Action - Knock out the opposition in different session-based battles, including a mode inspired by popular DotA mechanics
Heroes Management - Customize individual hero's talents to build a unique army to take into battle and trade valuable talents with other players
Terraforming - Gain advantages in the PvP battles with terraforming, an impressive visual effect that occurs when one team plants its flag to capture various control points located throughout the map
Mini Game - Conquer a fast-paced, action-puzzle game to provide valuable support to fellow warriors
Extraordinary Style and Setting - Enjoy the vibrant art style of Prime World, which is set in a new, creative universe
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