Private Pilot
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date 2004-08-30
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtFor budding private pilots, whether intending to leave the comfort of home or not, the Private Pilot package is a great software experience. An add-on for Microsoft's popular Flight Simulator 2000, it offers a stable of 13 (not a number that often finds favour with the superstitious flying community) light aircraft. Amongst these are several Beechcraft, Piper and Cessna offerings, including the popular Cessna 152. The manual includes a "flight school" section covering the basics and the Island Airpark scenery from FS2000 is installed automatically to provide you with an area in which you can practise take-offs and landings (unobstructed and obstructed), precision flying and navigation skills. Twelve aircraft descriptions form the next section of the manual, though with no mention of the amphibious Cessna 152 shown on the box; perhaps they decided 13 was too risky after all. Finally, checklists and procedures are given, though strangely these don't map exactly onto the aircraft previously described. Graphics are good and additional features on the CD include an FAA pilot knowledge test, a Morse code tutor, VFR flight plans and approach plates. There's also a poster-sized chart of Chicago airspace in the box with which to alarm yourself. --Mark Whitehorn

- Buckle up in the left-hand seat and fly the most popular light aircraft
- Choose to fly the Aerostar 700, Aviat Husky, Cessna 185, Diamond Katana, Pilatus PC12, Piper Tri Pacer
- Obstacle course helps you improve your flying skills
- Several new areas, from Eaglewest Farm, Smokey Mountain and the pylon race course in the Nevada desert
- Expansion for MS Flight SImulator 2002 or 2004
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