Pro Evolution Soccer 4
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 3219
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2004-12-02
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe finest football simulation series receives further refinements in Pro Evolution Soccer 4. The presence of an on-screen referee is perhaps the game's most obvious new feature. What's more, this twenty-third being on the pitch is more intelligent than his invisible predecessors: advantages are played more frequently and the fairness of decisions is improved. Another welcome new feature is that of player-specific special moves, whereby only certain gifted footballers will have outlandish tricks in their repertoire--very much in keeping with real life. Although there was little room for improvement over Pro Evolution Soccer 3's supreme gameplay, Konami has seemingly found it. Dribbling has been given especial attention; the result is tighter control. Crosses, too, are now easier to perform exactly as desired. Also, penalty kicks and free kicks offer increased accuracy with their adoption of a new control system. Some 136 club sides, including all 56 teams of the Spanish, Italian and Dutch leagues (these are officially licensed) are on offer in Pro Evolution Soccer 4, as well as 50-odd national teams. Typically, this new version of Pro Evolution is the most comprehensive to date--the new season in videogame football kicks off in spectacular fashion. --Jonti Davies
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